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Isolation Valves from Bio-Chem Fluidics
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Bio-Chem Valve™ solenoid operated isolation valves use a flexible diaphragm to isolate the actuation mechanism from the fluid path. These valves are available in the configurations "NO, normally open", "NC, normally closed" and "MP, 3-way".

When the valve is energized, the solenoid retracts an armature, which is connected to a flexible membrane. In a NC-valve, this raises the diaphragm, enabling a flow between the inlet and outlet ports. This process is reversed for a NO-valve. As the valve is energized, the diaphragm is pressed down to close the fluid path.

MP-valves (3-way) have a normally closed, a normally open and a common port. With a de-energized valve, flow occurs between the normally open and the common port. When energized, the valve switches and fluid flows between the normally closed and the common port.


· Valve configurations: Optionally available as 2-way normally open (NO), 2-way normally closed (NC) or as 3-way (MP).

Solenoid operated isolation valves from Bio-Chem Fluidics
   · Inert fluid path: By using materials such as PTFE and PEEK for components getting in contact with fluids, extremely inert flow paths can be created.

· Choice of materials: The valve body is available in PEEK, PPS and PTFE, the diaphragm in EPDM, FFKM and PTFE (not all material combinations available for all valve sizes and configurations).

· Choice of valve orifice sizes: Three valve sizes with precision machined orifice sizes ranging from 0.032" (0.81 mm) to 0.125" (3.2 mm) are available.

· Bi-directional: Although the preferred inlet is labeled accordingly, Bio-Chem Valve™ isolation valves can be used in any flow direction.

Bio-Chem Fluidics brochure - "Isolation Valves" PDF: 3.8 MB

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